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Don’t Immunize More Than Necessary!

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As you might know already I am very serious about natural health for my dogs as much as possible! There is information out that has been around for a long time that proves that “Vaccines for diseases like distemper and canine parvovirus, once administered to adult animals, provide lifetime immunity.”

Lifelong Immunity for my dog?

Yup! In fact THESE STUDIES show that the Minimum Duration of Immunity for Canine Vaccines are 7 to 15 years!
1-Distemper- 7 years by challenge/15 years by serology
2-Parvovirus – 7 years by challenge/ 7 years by serology
3-Adenovirus – 7 years by challenge/ 9 years by serology
4-Canine Rabies – 3 years by challenge/ 7 years by serology

In my case I have vets telling me that I need to vaccinate every year for all of the above vaccinations. But multiple studies show that it is not necessary and can even hurt your dog to be over vaccinating!  Vaccinations stimulate your dogs body to produce the appropriate response to the disease when and if it appears. Over vaccination causes an over stimulation that actually blocks the appropriate response that your dogs body should be achieving. This could put your pet at serious risk.

Therefore I personally recommend not Immunizing any more frequently than every 3 years for your pet. To see more on this PLEASE READ ABOUT THESE STUDIES HERE.

Why do vets recommend immunizing every year? Well, because vaccines add up to 14% of a veterinarians annual income. It actually makes a great excuse for them to send you the little card reminding you to come in for your yearly checkup where they can ultimately provide you with more services that make them more business. Now I have nothing against vets running a good business but in the interest of your pets health am just cautioning that you be cautious when your vet wants to shoot your dog full of vaccines year after year.

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