Sidney | Yellow Female – Sold

Sidney is a very playful and active Yellow Female Lab Puppy!


Sidney was just born into a litter of 10 beautiful puppies on September 1st 2013! Available to a forever home now! Call for adoption fee 931-269-9655.

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Mia – The Mother

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Champ – The Father

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Thanks to Phillips Sunnyside Labradors for the use of their very special chocolate stud.

We love Sidney so much! She loves to follow you around and snuggle. She has a slightly larger head than the rest of the litter, so she should be a very nice looking English Lab. The mother is a beautiful yellow English Lab with a very calm temperament. She has a very nice show pedigree. The father is a beautiful chocolate and anxious to please you with whatever you ask him to do! We stress all natural health care with our dogs and feed them only all natural health food. We guarantee that Sidney will be the healthiest puppy available to you.

this yellow female lab puppy comes with our personal written 36 month Health Guarantee!

Socialization is key to a well rounded and healthy puppy! This puppy has been individually socialized and handled every single day from the time they open their eyes till they go home with their new owners! And the new owners are expected to continue the same caliber of constant loving care that this puppy is currently receiving.

We have quite an investment in our dogs because we believe they should have the best possible care. If approved you can reserve this puppy with a $300 deposit. Call for details. If shipping is required that will be about $300 extra.

Natural Health Care for ourselves and our animals is very important to us. As soon as they are old enough, our puppies visit our veterinarian. He checks them thoroughly and gives them signed documentation of what he found. The puppies are dewormed and given their very first shots by the time they are a few weeks old. They are fed only our All Natural Health Food.

If you are interested and want more info you can fill out THIS FORM. Or call 931-269-9655.

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Yellow Female Lab Puppy!

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