Grain Free Dog Food

LG Breed Puppy Food: 6.6 lb. bag

Grain Free Dog Food


$16.20 - 6.6lb Bag



Big dogs need big nutrition from the get-go, and Life’s Abundance Premium Health Food For Large Breed Puppies fits the bill. Emerging science has shown that large breed puppies have some different nutritional needs when it comes to growth rates and skeletal development than their smaller breed counterparts. Life’s Abundance large breed puppy food contains high-quality ingredients and health-promoting nutrients with less calories than our original formula. In addition, each bowlful contains adjusted calcium and phosphorus levels, which support controlled growth rates and balanced muscular and skeletal development. Best of all, like all Life’s Abundance products, this food contains no artificial flavors or colors and no corn, wheat or glutens. Give your large breed puppy the building blocks for healthy development and watch them grow.


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