Chief – “Best Dog Ever” – Grand Haven Michigan

Chief is just over a year and still the best dog ever! Fast learner, good listener, perfect size (85lb), and beautiful. He likes the water at the beach, but prefers to dig in the sand. He enjoys chasing birds (and sometimes squirrels) but always comes back.

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]Fast learner, good listener, perfect size (85lb), and beautiful[/quote]

After a long walk, he loves splashing in his water dish to cool off (thankfully we’ve broken him of this habit INSIDE) and also loves to play in the hose.  He tends to dismantle our woodpile and drag pieces all over the yard to chew on…annoying, but cute?. He was neutered at the end of last month, and did great. He’s the perfect complement to our family. Thank you so much.

Just wanted to give a little update…hope you have a great summer!

From: Happy Pet Owner from Grand Haven MI

Chief, Happy Lab from Grand Haven MI




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  1. Chief is so handsome. We also have a pup/dog from Black Gap Labs and he’s amazing & spoiled. Do you mind
    me asking what liter he was from? Our Moose was from Sammy & Bree born 12/21/15. Chief looks a lot like Moose so I was curious if they were brothers.

    Fellow Happy Fur baby owner

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