Lu Lu & Taylor’s First Litter

Announcing Lu Lu & Taylor’s First litter!

Born Jan 31st 2014!

Chocolates, Blacks & Yellows in this litter.

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Lu Lu – The Mother

Our chocolate girl that we are very excited about! Can’t wait to see the puppies from her very first litter!

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Taylor – The Father

Thanks to Ashland Labradors for the use of their very special stud.
Adopt From This Litter
The puppies come with our personal written 36 month Health Guarantee!

Socialization is key to a well rounded and healthy puppy! Our puppies are individually socialized and handled every single day from the time they open their eyes till they go home with their new owners! And the new owners are expected to continue the same caliber of constant loving care that the puppies are currently receiving.

We have quite an investment in our dogs because we believe they should have the best possible care. If approved you can reserve one for a $300 deposit and then another $900 is due when you pick them up for a total of $1200. If shipping is required that will be about $400 extra.

Natural Health Care for ourselves and our animals is very important to us. As soon as they are old enough, our puppies visit our veterinarian. He checks them thoroughly and gives them signed documentation of what he found. The puppies are de-wormed and given their very first shots by the time they are a few weeks old. They are fed only our All Natural Health Food.

If you are interested in reserving one of these puppies please fill out THIS FORM.


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4 thoughts on “Lu Lu & Taylor’s First Litter”

  1. Hi!
    A few questions, I am interested in a female chocolate lab puppy, will you let me know when the litter is born if we have any? Also, the puppies would not be available until at least March 18th if not a little after if they are born on Feb 4th correct? (needing to know how to budget if there is a choc female available). Lastly, what type of blood lines will these puppies have?

    1. I can definitely let you know when the litter is born! The puppies need to be at least 8 weeks old till they are ready to go to their new homes. If you would like to get in line to reserve a puppy you can start by either calling me at 931-269-9655 or submitting an application by clicking Adopt a Puppy under Puppies on the menu of the website. If approved you can put a $300 deposit to hold the puppy till it is 8 weeks old. If the puppy is not produced you will get your deposit back in full. The total price for the puppy is $1200 so you will owe the remaining $900 when you take the puppy home with you. This puppy comes with a 3 year money back health guarantee and the puppy is sired by an American and Mexican show champion. The mother is sired by an international English show champion.

      1. house training is the same wheethr you have a puppy or an adult dog. crate train it. feed it once a day, same time. take her out an hour after her meal. stay out with her until she does her business. Crate her at night and when you are gone, or when you are busy doing chores around the house and cannot watch her.References :

  2. Hi! I am having trouble finding pictures of the new litter on here…do we have any actual pictures that we can view? Please email a response…

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