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Meet “Buff” – Black Lab Puppy For Sale – Taken

READY NOW!!! “Buff” from Maddie & Sammy’s Litter

Buff was Born Jan 17 2016 and is ready for his new home now!

“Buff” is a Black lab puppy ready for his new home March 12th 2016. I am expecting him to be an exceptional pet! He has a calm temperament and is really good with small children! Maddie (the mother) is an amazing English lab from strong English bloodlines. She is a relaxed and what I call a wonderful English Fireside dog. Sammy’s temperament is definitely laid back even though he is still young and still has plenty of puppy energy leftover. “Buff” will grow into a true English Lab with beautiful correct pigment and coat. Call for more info! 616-345-0607

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Maddie English Black Lab from black gap labs

Maddie – The Mother

Maddie! Can’t wait to see how these puppies turn out from her first litter with Sammy! This should be a wonderful combination that should produce puppies that make excellent and well behaved, even tempered companions. SEE MORE PICS HERE.

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Black Gap Labs Yellow Lab Stud Service

Sammy – The Father

This is our very special stud Yellow lab stud. He is out of Belquest Kennels Grand Champion “Trouble” who was the #1 Lab in 2013. He is a very pretty, well built, English Lab. As you can see from the pictures his coat is amazing and has a beautiful otter tail. Did I mention I can’t wait to see these puppies! a SEE MORE PICS OF SAMMY HERE.


Cost for “Buff” – $1800
Puppy Flight to your airport additional $400
3 Yr Health Guarantee additional $200
Set up a Life’s Abundance Healthy Dog Food account to get the HEALTH GUARANTEE FOR FREE!

Adopt From This Litter


blackgaplabs.com Black Lab Puppy Side Laying Down

Black Lab Puppy following baby

Black Lab Puppy Sitting

Black Lab Puppy Sitting and looking

Black Lab Puppy Sitting looking at baby

Black Lab Puppy Following Baby Girl

Black Lab Puppy Ears Flapping

Black Lab Puppy Standing Looking to side

Black Lab Puppy walking toward Camera

Black Lab Puppy sticking tail out

Black Lab Puppy Cocks head

Black Lab Puppy Amazing Picture

Black Lab Puppy Standing at attention

Running with Camo Boots

Black Lab Puppy Standing on hill

Black Lab Puppy Running down hill

Black Lab Puppy Runs after person

Black Lab Puppy Beside person in camo

Black Lab Puppy Looking Over shoulder

Black Lab Puppy On SHoulder

Black Lab Puppy Snuggles with Boy

Black Lab Puppy Amazing Side head shot

Black Lab Puppy held looking down

blackgaplabs.com Black Lab Puppy


The puppies come with our personal written 36 month Health Guarantee!

Socialization is key to a well rounded and healthy puppy! Our puppies are individually socialized and handled every single day from the time they open their eyes till they go home with their new owners! And the new owners are expected to continue the same caliber of constant loving care that the puppies are currently receiving.

Natural Health Care for ourselves and our animals is very important to us. As soon as they are old enough, our puppies visit our veterinarian. He checks them thoroughly and gives them signed documentation of what he found. The puppies are de-wormed and given their very first shots by the time they are a few weeks old. They are fed only our All Natural Health Food.

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    1. Yes he is still available as of today March 18th 2016. Let me know if you are interested or have any questions! 616-345-0607 JAKE

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