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Mia / Taylor Repeat Litter! Black & Yellow Puppies

Announcing Mia and Taylors Litter! Yellow & Black Puppies Available!

Born 3-17-16 they will be ready for their new homes May 11th 2016.

[column col=”1/2″] Yellow Female  Lab
Mia – The Mother

MIA is an exceptionally good looking dog with a perfect fireside temperament. Her head is a beautiful English style “square” head. She is very laid back and has a beautiful companion temperament.

She loves to go out and play and swim in the pond but is actually very even tempered and rarely barks. She is contented to lay on the front deck and sun herself. We just love Mia! She really is our ideal companion pet.

She is an amazing mother to her puppies and has just been super careful and attentive to her puppies needs and cleaning up after them.

Be sure to take a look at the extensive Health Clearances we have done on Mia to guarantee you that her puppies will be the healthiest possible puppy you can find.

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Taylor Black Labrador Retriever
Taylor – The Father

Taylor is an incredibly beautiful dog! AM/MEX CH. Ashland’s Taylor Made! We are very excited to be able to use this wonderfully tempered dog with our Cali! A Big Thanks to Ashland Labradors for the use of their very special dog!

“Taylor is simply everything a Labrador should be, inside and out. The best thing about Taylor is his temperament! We cannot ask for a more perfect Labrador. Stunningly handsome, a retriever-a-holic, outstanding train-ability and a true gentleman. His is a strong producer of type and temperament. We could go on for days about how fantastic he is but you just need to meet him in person to see for yourself.”

“Taylor finished his American Championship at just 15 months age then went to visit Mexico to go on and earn his Mexican Championship.”

–Available Puppies–
Black Female – 1st Pick – $2200
Black Male – 1st Pick – $2000
Black Male – 2nd Pick – $1800
Yellow Female – 1st Pick – $2200
Yellow Female – 2nd Pick – $2000
Yellow Female – 3rd Pick – $1800
Yellow Female – 4th Pick – $1600
Yellow Male – 1st Pick – $2000
Yellow Male – 2nd Pick – $1800
Puppy Flights to your airport additional $400
3 Yr Health Guarantee additional $200
Set up a Life’s Abundance Healthy Dog Food account to get the HEALTH GUARANTEE FOR FREE!
Full Registration for additional $500 upon approval.
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